Product Design

DAT One Freight Matching Load Board

My Role
Product Designer
2020 - 2022


DAT offers the largest on-demand load board marketplace in North America. The network helps connects motor carriers, freight brokers, 3PLs and shippers. Annually it handles more than 249 million loads and trucks post. I was tasked with merging their legacy products into a centralized platform, titled DAT One. I led the effort with reshaping how customers interact with DAT's freight matching experience while also improving how they interact with one another.

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User Problem and Business Opportunities

The previous experience was fragmented and required a user to switch products to handle specific tasks. In addition to this, users were required to re-enter information whenever they navigated between products. From a business standpoint, there are significant gaps in DAT’s product line that do not fully address the entire shipment lifecycle process.

The Shipment Journey

The DAT One platform was designed around the idea of providing services at every touch point within the shipment journey. For DAT customers, this starts with posting and searching within the load board (freight matching marketplace).

Search Behavior

To ensure we were addressing some of the most common and pressing use cases, I organized a workshop where we collected data on use cases and then applied them to common variables. Identifying implicit vs explicit search parameters also allowed the data science team to further refine their predictive models.

Carrier Use Case

I am driving but will soon be arriving at my current drop off location. I am open to traveling broadly so long as the rate is competitive.

Search Fields

The origin and destination fields were designed to allow the carrier to search quickly while also giving them the ability to fine tune their search criteria.

Deadhead (meaning without load), allows carriers to specify the radius they're willing to travel without a load.

Multi-Search & Real-Time Results

Placing a Bid

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