• Richie Brumfield

Apple India - Financing App

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Overview and Project Goals

In India, the typical EMI (credit) card and loan application process is fragmented, slow, requires a web browser (which is usually done at home), and not consistent with Apple's human-centered design principles.

Apple approached us to build an iPad app which would function as a central portal for financing in-store purchases. This tool would allow customers to filter, select, and apply for loans within the store instantly with all the major financial partners in India.

Insights and Starting the User Journey

As we began to acquire pre-approved requisites for each financing partner, it started to narrow down and clarify the targeted user-type we were solving for.

Additionally, when the user was pre-approved, the load application requirements revealed deeper insights into socioeconomic factors which would be considered. Analyzing these factors also helped us with identifying critical moments where drop-offs tend to occur.